Monday 21st June 2017

“Dadda, can we go out for lunch together, just you and me?”  Building a “Key Family of Influence” is a massive goal that Shaz and I set some years back. Its creation has been a culmination of many little steps. This is one of many special opportunities that have created such a Family!  Serge


Your Purpose is to Discover Why You are Here…

Your Mission Is To Live It!

There is nothing like living an Inspired Life! A Life filled with Purpose and Meaning, and who amongst us does not want that kind of resume? We certainly understand this at The Inspired Family!

We are living according to our Values, i.e. whats truly Important to us. This is The Inspired Family way. Now what about you? “Ahh here he goes again, making it about me!” Well, if you believe the quote, then it
is all about getting the best out of your life, and sometimes it takes another person to Inspire you to do it…right?

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Are You Scared Of NOT Being Busy?

I speak from experience when I say that it is fundamentally necessary at times in order to realise that You already have the answers to your questions! It has helped me immensely…!

Hmmm…lets take some time and just ponder on this for a minute or two. Hold on, just this very statement alone will be enough to send shivers up some peoples spine. Why?

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Leave The Past In The Past!

Have you heard this being said before?

I have many times, and at some point those friggin experiences that didn’t quite work out as we would have liked are best left there…in the past right? I think that this is fairly straight forward thinking, however some of us keep repeating those bloody experiences again and again! I know I did for many years.

I did not understand what those Lessons meant in the beginning and why they appeared time and time again. So why the hell do some of us keep doing this? Why the lessons in the first place? Whats behind all of this?

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