About Us

Hi, this is Serge, Sharon, Jassie & Jade and we are ‘the inspired family’.


Our Purpose is…..

We are a Family Of Pioneering Spirits, on the forefront of living a truly inspired life, one that is built on a foundation of Authenticity, Integrity, Empathy, Courage, Gratitude and Love.

The Inspired Family’s Mission is to unlock the enormous potential that lies hidden in others and also in us. We will be focused on providing assistance and guidance through a world of endless possibilities.

We strive to enrich the lives of others by providing exceptional service, valued connection and key information.




Why We Are ‘The Inspired Family’


For the inspired family, it’s all about our daily practices and putting into play the lessons we have realized along the way. There are fundamentals that we use to master our journey, our emotions and add value to others on a regular basis. We focus on Gratitude and aim not to take it all for granted.

We did hard work and we applied the strategies as we wanted to achieve a life of personal fulfilment and true wellbeing. We would be lying if we said it was easy as we shifted our paradigms. It also challenged the people around us as they started to notice our dramatic changes. We became somewhat of a target as we began to think and do things differently from the so-called normal way, however this was part of our journey to becoming Authentic. Is it truly worth it you ask, you bet it is!!


Below we have share a very small insight into the key players that shaped our lives and inspired us along the path to success, enjoy…

We Discovered Our Voice

As we became quiet with ourselves, it was here that we discovered our voice, the core of our
Spirit that is the symbolism of who we truly would love to be in this game we call Life.
Discovering OUR calling was one of the most profound experiences in our lives as everything
is now beginning to make sense and transform our life to one of inspiration rather than
desperation. We are now becoming very clear and are not swayed in any way, as we endeavor
to live a life entirely designed by us. Our lives are a true reflection of how we think and act.
The core of our Spirit, which is continually trying to guide us, wants nothing more than for us to live a life that is truly authentic.


The Best Sermons Are Lived Not Preached

The Best Sermons Are Lived Not Preached is a quote we stand by! We soon realized, after attending many workshops and seminars, that around 90% of attendees will do nothing with the information that they have been exposed too. We observed that many preached the teachings of wisdom, but it soon dawned on us that only a few actually walk it! So it was clear that in order for us to be a true leader and experience true success in our lives, we must do what others are not willing to do, and that is to WALK OUR TALK!


Our Vision

We are so enthusiastic about the path that we have created moving forward. We are now visionaries, designers and the builders who continuously fine-tune our Journey based on our individual feelings and the needs of us, as a family. We are the ‘Captains of our own Ship’ and we decide in which direction our ship takes us. We now live our life in accordance with what is highest on our values, which also cements our vision and guides us towards a loving, enthusiastic and truly inspiring life.


Service Beyond Self

Once we had discovered our voice and plotted our course, we realized that it wasn’t all about us and purpose in achieving a sense of fulfillment. We have realized that what is Inspiring to us, is to assist others as well to find their voice or rekindle their spark. Reigniting the spark or a hint of purpose in others is an experience our family has achieved many times along the way. Giving life, so to speak, to another Human Being is in our opinion one of the great personal rewards that we can gift them and our selves. Watching others grow and prosper because of your Inspiration and mentorship is a personal victory of the highest order in our opinion.


Prosperity Mindset

These days we focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want. Wellbeing is key to our success, but it takes a well-founded and prosperous mind to achieve this. We surround ourselves with like-minded people and jumped on the shoulders of our Mentors rather than reinventing the wheel. We have experienced enormous learning’s in the Wisdom and Legacy’s of our Mentors.



Counting our blessings each and everyday truly inspires our family to succeed. We have come to realize that even our adversities play a fundamental role in the creation process, to the degree that we now embrace them as learning’s and lessons rather than see them as problems or blockages. The roadblocks and bumps that appear along the way definitely keep us in check and balance. We have been blessed with a life that is now so full of meaning that we cannot help but be grateful everyday!



How We Became ‘The Inspired Family’



Our story did not start with a conscious intention to live a dedicated life based on inspiration, enthusiasm and prosperity. No, it commenced by Sharon’s need to understand health and nutrition due to a couple of significant health scares. From here it grew to a world of personal development, which became a major part of our lives.


From this, we have made massive changes over the last few years, to the degree that our old lives are virtually unrecognizable!


Because of our significant changes, we get asked these questions constantly…

How can you both afford to stay at home?
What should I do to improve my health?
You guys look so healthy! What do you eat? What diet do you follow?
I am struggling with my kids! How do you understand Jasmine so well? You always seem so inspired, how do you do this?


So what did our old lives look like you ask? Well they went something like this….

A typical married couple with our first home and in plenty of debt! We were both working in a
9 to 5 job, 5 to 6 days a week on average to fair incomes. Our weekends were mostly spent cramming in a busy social life, family commitments, house chores, watching TV, shopping and enjoying other interests etc. Because of this really busy lifestyle, we were often tired and looked forward to our annual holidays away. Serge had grown some 18kg in weight and had cracked the 100kg mark, which at the time he was quite proud of.


We basically lived on a treadmill and the Monday morning blues soon kicked in, we couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive only to be back at work on Monday!

So what happened next….?


After some years climbing the corporate ladder, Sharon began suffering symptoms of disease. Serge was over weight, in the same job that he disliked, getting paid extremely well and became uninspired and bored! Our lifestyles by know have gone up a few notches due to our higher incomes. We were now doing more things, having more holidays, buying more stuff and simply living a hectic lifestyle. Now don’t get us wrong, these were fun days with awesome experiences that took us around the world and back.


Then we became unstuck as Sharon became sick, which lead us to look at our lives and address what we were doing day-to-day. This was the catalyst for changing our entire approach to life and a significant turning point. So we began to ask lots of questions, you see we had too because what we were doing up until now hadn’t really worked for us. Certain parts of our lives were successful, but others were down right failures! From here the changes that we made in our lives literally turned our world around! The changes that we implemented are enough to fill a book! We were both so dedicated to experiencing a life of wellbeing in all the areas of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Here is a small taste of the realizations and changes that we implemented in the last few years –


We realized we were seeking significance from our job titles

There was no real mentorship in our lives

Started to ask questions like; “why are we doing this?”

We stopped watching television and reading newspapers

What are we doing all this for we asked?

We adopted healthier living practices

We began by becoming clearer on what it was that we truly wanted

Our mindset or thinking was not centered around prosperity & wellbeing

Our lives became less hectic and therefore had more quiet time

We began to plan our results and therefore our lives

We began to budget and manage money more effectively

We concentrated our attention, focusing on our goals

We began to educate ourselves about things that we truly valued

We began our conscious Personal Development journey We home birthed Jasmine in mid 2007

We travelled following our mentors and doing workshops Serge lost 31kg!

We let go of our comfort zones and embraced challenging new opportunities

The way we spoke to others was more connecting

Serge finished at his job at the beginning of 2009

We began to embrace life and all that it had to offer

We began to cleanse and detoxify our bodies, leading to greater health

We became self-funded

Full time connection with Jasmine has created an unwavering bond!

We home school Jasmine

We began to attract successful and influential people into our lives

Our close friends are Inspiring people

We were walking our talk daily and applying all that we had studied

Fear no longer controls our lives as we learnt to let that go


After embracing these changes above and many, many others, no one can convince us that they themselves are not capable of inspired change and living a life according to what they value most. First came the decision, then the questions, followed by strategies and obviously the doing or actions. As we have achieved and a countless number of our mentors have as well, so can you! This is available to everyone!!