Jasmine Colicchia

Hi there my name is Jasmine; I am 9 years old and going places!


Did you know that I was born at home in water and I am also home schooled?


I enjoy learning all kinds of stuff and I ask my Mum and Dad questions all the time like “What are you doing?” I love being together with them, as they are the best Parents!


I love traveling with my Mum and Dad, it is so much fun. By the age of 5, I had been on an aeroplane more than 40 times & have been to America twice! We attend many seminars and workshops for health and personal development and I love sitting there and listening, coloring in or playing with other kids. I have met some really cool and famous people on our trips that I call my friends. Some of my friends are David Wolfe, Raw Solla, Franky G, Truth Calkins and Don Tolman. Did you know that these people are some of the world’s top health and yummy food experts? I also met Michael and Ricki Beckwith at their Agape International Spiritual Centre, an amazing place where I sang and danced. And the visionary leader Dr John Demartini.


I enjoy eating my fruits and veggies that grow in nature and try to be really, really healthy. Did you know that fruits and veggies are healthy for you? I also drink lots and lots of wild spring water, which my Dad gets for me high up in the mountains.


I love to dance and sing, listen to music, go to the beach with my boogie board, build things
with my Lego, color in and write stuff. I also enjoy going to the skate park with Dad and ride my scooter, bike and skateboard. go 4 wheel driving in the bush and getting Dads truck really muddy, but I don’t like it when he drives too fast!


Some of my favorite performers are Michael Jackson (did you know I can dance like him and when I was in Hollywood I danced on his Star on the footpath, that was really cool), Andre Rieu (he plays the violin in his big orchestra), Keith Urban, Tania Kernigan and Leanne Womack (I enjoy country music and wearing Dads Cowboy hat), Rod Stewart, George Michael and Patrizio (he sings in Italian you know) and The Fairies of course!


I started saving money in my Piggy Bank when I was little and I now have my own bank account with lots of money it. Thanks Mum and Dad!


One day, I’m going to help lots of children and animals that aren’t as fortunate as me. I know that when I am a bigger girl, I will be performing in front of lots of people doing what I love. I actually do that now you know, in the lounge room. I sit all my teddies and dolls on the couch and they watch me dance and sing, it is so much fun.