Serge Colicchia

There were no silver spoons, fancy homes or riches to be seen when I was growing up. I was born into a traditional Italian family, had an older sister and we loved our heritage and ‘pasta’! My Father died unexpectedly when I was aged 9 and so my lessons in life began at an early age.


As a teenager I was a natural at sports and my strengths were running, Aussie Rules and cricket. I was selected in the Victorian under 18 cricket training squad to represent our State and was a member of the Victorian Schools Boys 4 x 100m relay Champions. School however was a different story, as I did not want to be there! I struggled academically because of reading difficulties and consequently became the example of what NOT to do! I recall one of my teachers Mr. Patrick McGlinchy addressing students as I walked by an open door, “Now you do not want to end up like Serge!” What the? I later realized that this statement was to be a powerful driver in my life.


Giving school the almighty flick and having no formal qualifications, other than successfully completing Year 10, money and a mode of transport soon became a priority, but not before chilling out somewhat. So after 12 months on the dole and hanging around the beach topping up my tan and surfing, I found myself as a Sales Cadet being groomed to sell motor vehicles. The Sales profession appealed to me and I quickly realized that the public and myself got along quite well!


20 years had passed since my humble beginnings and so with numerous roles and titles under my
belt, I quietly nurtured my career and became one of the top money earners. Oh, I also happened to get married, how could I forget that one!


After a long and somewhat success career, I had the opportunity to leave the sales industry, switch off my corporate thinking and be a Dad at home with our first born, Jasmine. In the last 4 years my personal growth helped me enormously to realize and pursue what I truly loved and what I am destined to do. My intuition became my foundation and to this day my most trusted guide and friend.


Oh all that weight I piled on you ask, just happened to loose that 31kg of Fat along the way as well. You beauty!!


Truth be known… My greatest achievement was not dropping out of school or the multiple million dollars of corporate profit I created over the years… nope… I’d have to say it’s being a Dad to my 5-year-old daughter Jasmine and being in a loving partnership of 13 years with my wife Sharon! One of the best investments I have made in my personal growth thus far has been at home and experiencing my beautiful daughter Jasmine just grow and develop. I am so grateful to my family; I thank them for their patience, support and unwavering love!


Today, I am so enthusiastic about mentoring and inspiring individuals and families to get from where they are stuck to where they want to go… simple!

The most common areas I’ve dealt in have been in the areas of personal growth, health issues and nutrition, parenting and relationships and also with high net-worth individuals who are looking for that “something different” outside the box!


My other interests include; meeting key people of influence, health & nutrition, enjoying the Sun, walking in nature, rebounding, mountain biking, driving fast cars and motorbikes, 4-WDing in the Outback, playing in the shed and listening to Music.


My vision of what lies ahead literally gives me goose bumps and tears of gratitude. I see my wisdom being shared through public speaking around the world, mentoring individuals to be the next leaders in their field, inspiring young children and adults to love their life and find their voice. Throw in a best selling author and the “go-to” Man & you pretty much have the vision that I see!