Sharon Colicchia

I was born in London, my father was of Italian decent, my mother was born in India and my sister Sophie was 3 years younger. I was raised in a low to middle class mentality where money was scarce. In 1985 when I was 15 years old, my family migrated to Australia in pursuit of better opportunities.


I really disliked school, so upon arriving into Australia, I found myself in the workforce and became a hairdresser. From there I worked in various administration and management roles within the hospitality, legal, sales and marketing, accounting & the fresh produce industries. Whilst working as a receptionist at Baker and McKenzie, one of the largest Law firms in the world, my superiors soon realized my talents and abilities. I was asked to travel overseas and assist in the training and evaluation of Customer Service for all the personal assistants, which was a fantastic opportunity and experience. Wanting to broaden my horizons even further, I worked along-side Australia’s no 1 Health & Fitness expert Donna Aston and became a personal trainer. It was this opportunity that cemented my interest for health and wellbeing.


In 1998 my sister Sophie was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Family life from here on was
never to be the same for us. Sophie progressively worsened and then tragedy hit in 2001
when she ended her own life. Sophie’s death alongside my own personal health scare
stopped me in my tracks! It forced me to slow right down and assess my life.


Here I asked
myself “What on earth am I doing?” Getting to know my ‘real true’ self became my focus. I
was unaware at the time that my greatest voids drove my deepest values. My interest then became a quest to fully understand what health really meant. A purpose was soon discovered and I actually designed my life around my commitment to research and satisfy my insatiable appetite for extraordinary health. My knowledge grew vastly; I made numerous changes to my health practices and consequently my health improved dramatically. This became a way of life for me as I was now quite empowered by the wisdom and changes I had gained and made.


In 2006 my focus changed somewhat as I questioned the birthing process in preparation for the arrival of our first child. We were not at all inspired by the current hospital birthing options, so we both planned a different outcome and Jasmine was born at home peacefully, which was such an amazing experience for both Serge and myself. This was such a fulfilling accomplishment and a measure of my true potential given that Jasmine was due to be a cesarean birth at hospital just a few months prior. My life shifted once more as both Serge and myself resonated to the ‘aware parenting’ philosophies of which we embraced whole-heartedly into our life.


From here I entered into the vast speedier world of personal development. Parenting stretched me to step out of my comfort zone and conditionings of the past and move towards being a real and authentic person with Jasmine and also Serge. As I began raising another individual soul, Jasmine in part was extension of my own self. I embraced the role of parenting as being vitally important, as one of the most treasured roles for me in the world. With this as my foundation, Serge and I adopted the practice of co-sleeping, baby wearing, extended breastfeeding and homeschooling to enhance and support Jasmine’s needs and growth.


My current interests are researching health and wellbeing and then implementing what I have learnt. I am very involved in my personal growth, getting to know the real me better and using proven transformational technologies.


I so love being a Mum to Jasmine, meeting her needs effectively and connectively as they arise. I also very much enjoy being a connective, loving and supportive partner to Serge.
Music is very much a part of my life, I really love listening and singing to country music and enjoy expression through dance.


What is life’s preview for me –

Thriving each day

Living within a connective, loving, supportive and dynamic family unit

Having choices

Experiencing extraordinary health

Living an inspired life daily

Travelling and experiencing the world

Inspiring and supporting others to realize and unleash there true potential in their quest to become authentic